The first inspiring guidebook for the growing multitudes of first-time mothers over forty
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by Nancy London, M.S.W.

"Hot Flashes Warm Bottles tackles the complicated and emotional subject of older mothers with a delightful warm-hearted approach. The book shows older mothers that they are not alone, that their ambivalent feelings are normal, and that motherhood at an older age can be both tiresome and invigorating. The book is loaded with examples that will bring a smile to the reader. Advice is provided on dealing with yourself, your child and others in the family who may not understand the emotional and physical changes in an older mother. A nice touch is the "Journey Book" suggestions included at the end of each chapter. These are active steps that the older mother can take to capture and understand their feelings while creating memories for the future. Hot Flashes Warm Bottles is highly recommended for those who have become mothers in their 40's or those who are contemplating older motherhood. "

Dr. Kathleen Kain
Scientist, Educator and (older) mother of 3

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